Riverview Rams vs. St. Stephen’s Falcons



There are certain times that try a team and test it’s boundaries, it’s ability to bounce back and remain resilient. Tonight was one of those times.

Do not look at the scoreboard. The Scoreboard is a Lie! It’s telling you that our Lady Rams lost 15 – 4 to a first place team. (Ok, the scoreboard isn’t technically lying…. we did in fact face off against a first place team and we did in fact lose.) That however is ALL the scoreboard is saying … it is NOT telling the whole story!

Fortunately, I saw things the scoreboard didn’t see. Therefore, I will make the effort to clear up the malfeasance of that dim lighted… low wattage…  hyper-critical …bulb glower!

Our #1 Rams played tonight against a tremendously well trained and experienced squad. Both teams walked into the game with a 3 – 0 record. Sure we left as the second place team, but we learned a lot in the process. What we learned will help us fight though the challenges of future games…. (If some of you didn’t notice we played a bit short handed tonight… and it may remain that way for a few more games.) 

Look what happened when our team was taken off guard… surprised by last minute changes to the starting line-up… and found the clock running against them early in the game. Down by 10 goals… Did they quit? NO!

Our girls don’t quit…. They worked on a few a glitches in their game and turned the second half into a reputable performance. It wasn’t about the scoreboard … it wasn’t about the clock… it was about players stepping up. It was about teammates supporting each other. It was about knowing that this team can stand strong against late surprises.

We will see the results in future games but the reality is it took us over 20 minutes to score a goal in the first half… Thank you Gabriella Connelly!!!  It took only 1:34 for Marisa Souchak to get it going in the second half…Congrats to Marisa!…Congrats to Marisa!…Congrats to Marisa! (She scored three times times tonight!) It’s worth mentioning that her first goal in the second half had something special to it… from where I was sitting it looked like she stole the ball directly from the goalie before flipping it to the whistle spot!

Moving on from tonight, we know the team will make the adjustments they need to in order to remain at the top of their game. In the end, I think we will see St. Stephen’s again… and when we do… they will be looking at a whole different team! GO RAMS!

Recap Contributor: C. Kulak





Date Time League Season
Friday, March 2, 2018 6:00 PM Girls Varsity 2018


St. Stephen's
315 41st St W, Bradenton, FL 34209, USA


Riverview Rams Girls Varsity

# Player Position Goals Assists SoG Faceoffs FO Wins Ground Balls Take Aways Penalties Saves Goals Allowed
2Hu, AshlynDefense0000000000
3Green, MelanieAttack0000000000
4Brown, LaurenMidfield0000110000
6Dunn, AmyAttack0010221100
8McDonnell, AnnaliseAttack0000000000
9Dougherty, LilyDefense0000000100
10Spingler, RileyMidfield0020011200
11McHenry, AllisonDefense0000000300
12Keegan, ChloeMidfield0000021300
19Connelly, GabriellaMidfield10217121000
21Kaighin, LindsayGoalie00000000415
25Souchak, MarisaMidfield3013013200
26Williams, BetsyDefense0000010100
27Sotolongo, AlanaDefense0000001000
28Byholm, EdenAttack0110010000
 Total 41720411813415

St. Stephen’s Falcons

Position Goals Assists SoG Faceoffs FO Wins Ground Balls Take Aways Penalties Saves Goals Allowed