Title Sponsor

Title Sponsor x 2 (1 available for mens/womens program) $5,000

  • All Home Game sponsor announcements over the PA system, multiple announcements throughout the game
  • Pressbox exclusive rights for all home games (program specific based on sponsorship) for up to 10 people each usage.
  • 1x player fee exemption
  • $250 credit towards RHS LAX apparel and concession stand use
  • Premium size banner in premium location displaying business/organization
  • 4x game entry punch cards
  • Appreciation gift
  • Banner advertisement for the 2024 calendar year on our website riverviewramslacrosse.com which averages 4,000 visits per month during the season.
  • Direct hyperlink from your banner on our website to your company website.

Complete the form below to become a Riverview Rams Lacrosse sponsor. We appreciate your support!