Riverview Rams @ Calvary Christian Warriors

Transportation Logistics: RHS Bus departs Riverview at 3:15PM (VARSITY & JV)


Riverview Rams vs. Calvary Christian Warriors

To say it was GREAT to see our players take the field and WIN… just for the sake of winning would be an understatement. Today what we saw was the maximized effort of players helping players for the TEAM WIN!

We won’t spoil this one with deep descriptions of their AWESOMENESS! We will just use that word again!


Worthy of note today? Kate Zoltak 6 shots… 6 Goals. Ronnie McCurdy 4 Goals and 4 Assists! Riley Springler, Gabriella Connelly, Marisa Souchak and Eden Byholm all saw their name in lights.  Lindsay Kaighin with her 77% Save Percentage in tonights game… and a Last Second Shot that a rewind of the game tape may prove to be a goal for Melanie Green!  The Refs ruled that one as being too late for the buzzer.

Know what’s not too late for the buzzer? … a Sincere Congratulations…. This team deserves it.. They  have it all…

I will say it again!