2018 District Semi-Finals (WLAX) Out-of-Door Academy vs. Riverview Rams

All good rivalries require a solid foundation from which to grow. Tonight’s game vs. ODA definitely added to that foundation. Each year Out-Of-Door Academy continues to perform at it’s best when it counts the most. Congratulations to the Thunder and their coaches for their continued success.

As for the Rams, this season ender is nothing to cry about. Lacrosse is a fast growing sport and the Riverview Rams Women’s Lacrosse Program is a great demonstration of that. This team has come very far in a very short period of time. Players have grown with the game and the ladies on this team demonstrate continued effort to push forward and find success within themselves. In the end, there have been countless victories obtained, both as a team and on individual levels. These kind of victories, the score board cannot show.

Looking forward my wish, for all the women involved, is that they all can gain a sense of pride, looking back at the kind of victories that made it possible to believe that a team, only three years young, could have this kind of chance to be knocking on the door of a championship. These are the moments that make heroes. Standing tall knowing the accomplishments you have made and looking forward to how you can apply them to the future.

As the Rams continue to grow as a team, each woman participating today, players and coaches alike, can look back and say… I was a part of what made this team what it is. I was a part of something great. That makes me great… and I know exactly what to do with that greatness… because … I … am… a RAM!