ATTENTION SENIORS & 2017 CHAMPIONS! – Order your RHS Lacrosse “Legacy Walk” Brick Paver

We are excited to announce the availability of “Legacy Walk” brick pavers for our Varsity Lacrosse teams.  Bricks can be order directly from the RHS Foundation page:

Important: On the Order Form, please remember to put “RHS Lacrosse” on the second line titled “Your Company” to ensure the RHS Lacrosse program receives a portion of the proceeds back to our program.


  1. Go to RHS Foundation/Bricks-R-Us webpage to start your order:
  2. Enter your complete contact information and select your brick size. (If you want to receive an additional personal copy of your brick, select the “Would you like to receive a Donor Brick?” button on this page.
    Brick contact and order screen
  3. Select your logo for your brick and add your custom text.  Add up to 6 lines of custom text for the 8×8 brick, or 2 lines of text for the 4×8 brick.
    Brick logo text screen
  4. After you click the “I’m Finished” button, enter your credit card information to complete your purchase.