Lakewood Ranch Mustangs vs. Riverview Rams



Today’s meetup with the Lakewood Ranch started with a bit of extra energy. The players from each team were having some pre-game fun while their coaches chatted about their respective up and coming programs. The Mustangs are in the position this year, of being a first year team and that is something very familiar to the Rams, who first fielded a varsity team just 3 short years ago. Looking at the current success that Coach Ashley McCleod has had with the Rams program, we know where the Mustangs are planning to be in a relatively short amount of time. The eyes of every Mustang, player, coach and parent alike… are filled with excitement simply to play hard and do well! That kind of excitement sparks fun… and the fun didn’t stop with just the players, coaches and the parents…. it seemed as though our Referees were enjoying a moment or two when the music kicked on. They may have even, (during a break in the action), called for a dance off with the Mustangs sideline… It was just a fun day from beginning to end.

The Mustangs scored 3 goals today and they were as thrilled to reach that accomplishment as the Rams were to field defensive players in offensive positions, allowing them to feel the thrill of a properly netted shot. All our seniors scored tonight… some even scored for the first time in their Varsity careers. Given that kind of excitement on the field we know why the Refs may or may not have been caught  dancing.  This was the kind of game you just want to watch… it wasn’t about the end result… it was about 2 teams having fun together and sharing positive energy that simply became contagious. Congratulations to the Mustangs! We look forward to watching you follow-up each year with continued success!

Now let’s get on with our own round of congratulations. Let’s start off with a look to the future… Eden Byholm found success for the Rams by the winning the Draw. It was obvious she felt comfortable in the center position, winning so many draws for the team that the statisticians almost had to ask for her removal from the game… as there just wasn’t enough room on the stat sheets for all those victories on the draw. With that much control it is easy to understand why the ball found its way being shuttled to goal so often… 20 times to be exact. Let’s start with high numbered Jersey’s:  Zoltak, Byholm, Souchak, Birmingham, Kaighan, Connelly, McCurdy, Keegan, Goodwin, Brown and Green…. all lit up the lights tonight. Yes there are a couple of unexpected names on that list… Kaighan? Our Goalie? Yes Kaighan got her long awaited whistle blow for the goal… as did Sophie Goodwin… who is most widely regarded for breaking up the plays on the defensive end of the field…. and Melanie Green … without a doubt about the clock, made it happen with 3:04 left in the game… All this happened while we watched Kellianne Aaron protect our end from what could have been a stampede.

This Game was all about fun… and fun was ALL about the game.

We will move forward next week to play Out of Door Academy at the District Playoffs on Wednesday, April 18th in what will certainly be a grudge match… ODA has played well against the Rams this year and they are looking to repeat their knock off performance from last year.

Our girls remember that game well…  It’s the game driving the question “Who do you think you are?”

I have an answer for them… “We ARE… The RAMS!

C. Kulak – Recap Contributor


Date Time League Season
Monday, April 9, 2018 7:30 PM Girls Varsity 2018


Riverview High School
1 Ram Way, Sarasota, FL 34231, USA


Lakewood Ranch Mustangs

Position Goals Assists SoG Faceoffs FO Wins Ground Balls Take Aways Penalties Saves Goals Allowed

Riverview Rams Girls Varsity

# Player Position Goals Assists SoG Faceoffs FO Wins Ground Balls Take Aways Penalties Saves Goals Allowed
2Hu, AshlynDefense0000010000
3Green, MelanieAttack1010010000
4Brown, LaurenMidfield1113330200
7Goodwin, SophieDefense1020011000
8McDonnell, AnnaliseAttack0000000000
9Dougherty, LilyDefense0000040000
10Spingler, RileyMidfield0000210000
11McHenry, AllisonDefense0011000000
12Keegan, ChloeMidfield3030010000
13McCurdy, Veronica “Ronnie”Midfield6160131000
19Connelly, GabriellaMidfield1250010000
21Kaighin, LindsayGoalie1040000151
22Aaron, KellianneGoalie0000000012
23Brimingham, HaileyGoalie1010000000
25Souchak, MarisaMidfield2441472000
27Sotolongo, AlanaDefense0000011100
28Byholm, EdenAttack11216661200
29Zoltak, KateMidfield2052111000
17Meyers, RainaMidfield0000001100
1Madden, SecilyMidfield0020000000
15Santagata, AnnMarieDefense0000000200
16Reutter, ClaireMidfield0000000000
 Total 209372317318963